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About Telecenter

A telecenter, very simply understood, is a physical space where ICT access and the services available online are delivered to the public. Telecenter is a global concept and is a derivative of the boom in internet connectivity all over the world.

Beyond providing access to technology and services, telecenters also provide for a platform to train people in using digital technology. Subsequently, leading to greater citizen participation and digital technology exposure.

A telecenter is an effective instrument for comprehensive economic and rural development.

Telecentres exist in almost every country, although they sometimes go by a different name: public internet access center (PIAP), village knowledge center, infocenter, community technology center (CTC), community multimedia center (CMC), multipurpose community telecentre (MCT), Common/Citizen Service Centre (CSC), school-based telecentre, etc. While each telecenter is different, their common focus is on the use of digital technologies to support community, economic, educational, and social development.

About Srijan Kendra

A Srijan Kendra is a telecenter operated by a Srijan Kendra Udyami (SKU) providing a variety of services which a person requires as a part of daily needs and are available in the market but at scattered places.

The objective of Srijan Kendra is to create a convergence of varied services under one roof leading to value addition for the customer in a cost effective and time saving manner.

These telecentres would provide high quality & cost effective services like education, health, telemedicine, entertainment as well as other many more private services.

Benefits of Srijan Kendra:

1. Employment Opportunities
2. Income generation.
3. New business with low Investment
4. Designation as an Entrepreneur who is link in between service provider & common people.
5. Image as a financial & non financial service provider in their areas.
6. Gain the knowledge about market & keep update themselves with it

The SKU is the key to the successful operation of the Srijan Kendra. To be able to carry out the operations of a Srijan Kendra in an efficient manner, the SKU should have the aptitude and the acumen for the same. The following are the eligibility criteria to become a SKU:

1. He / She should be a citizen of India
2. He / She should atleast 12th standard pass< br /> 3. He / She should have sound financial background
4.Preference will be given to candidates having knowledge of computers
5. Preference will be given to candidates having existing infrastructure (like computer, space etc)

Investments required by the SKU :

1. ICT Infrastructure: The Srijan Kendra will require to have atleast 1 Computer with MFP
2. Other Infrastructure
3. The SKU should have sufficient space to set up atleast one computer (with peripherals) and
there should be proper space for seating of 2-3 customers.
4. There should be proper electricity and water arrangements at the Srijan Kendra
5. The Srijan Kendra should have proper power backup facility
6. Registration Fees
7. The SKU will earn commission of every transaction for every service used. The earning potential is vast depending upon the activity level of the SKU.

The SKU will earn commission of every transaction for every service used. The earning potential is vast depending upon the activity level of the SKU.

To download the information brochure click here. If you are eligible and interested in opening a Srijan Kendra, download the application form and mail it to srijankendra@gnggroup.com

Common Service Center

A Common Service Center is an ICT enabled front-end delivery point for various G2C and B2C services set up in a rural area operated by a Village Level Entrepreneur, who is a local resident of the panchayat.

These Common Service Centers (CSC) are set up on PPP mode with the partnership of the State Government and a Private Partner. CSCs are known with a different brand name in every state.

The objectives of the CSC Project can be briefed below:

1. Easy access to Government Information at the remotest corners of the State
2. Redressal of complaints without physically visiting the Government offices
3. Transparency in the working of the Government
4. Responsive and responsible Administration etc


The PPP model of the CSC scheme envisages a 3-tier structure consisting of the CSC operator (called Village Level Entrepreneur or VLE); the Service Centre Agency (SCA), that will be responsible for covering a group of districts in a state; and a State Designated Agency (SDA) identified by the State Government responsible for managing the implementation over the entire State.

SDA (State Designated Agency)

SDA would be the nodal agency at state level involved for the monitoring and supervision of the project progress at the state level. SDA facilitate implementation of the Scheme within the State and to provide requisite policy, content and other support to the SCAs.

SCA (Service Centre Agency)

The Service Centre Agency (SCA) - to operate, manage and build the VLE network and business. An SCA would be identified for one or more districts (one district would cover 100-200 CSCs). This would be equivalent to a franchisor of the CSCs, typically for one or more districts, as identified by the SDA.

VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur)

This would be the local level entrepreneur who would be in-charge of running the daily operations of the CSC after its implementation. This is loosely equivalent to a franchisee and would serve rural consumers in a group of 5-6 villages.

GNG is mandated to set up more around 3600 Common Service Centers in panchayats of Himachal Pradesh and Bihar.

Lok Mitra Kendra

The Common Service Centers (known as Lok Mitra Kendra in Himachal Pradesh) set up by us in the hilly and challenging areas of Himachal Pradesh have been catering the rural population with various essential Government services like electricity bill payments, water bill payments, BSNL bill payments, Roadways bus ticket booking, issuance of computerized land revenue records etc and a bouquet of business services.

These services are being provided to the citizen online through a advanced service delivery portal designed and developed in-house by us.

We have set up more than 1800 such Lok Mitra Kendras in the secluded and disconnected geographies, catering to the needs of 2.5 Million people and providing direct and indirect employment to more than 2500 people in the state for the last 4 years.

Vasudha Kendra

Owing to our technical expertise and ground level experience in a challenging state like Himachal Pradesh, we have recently been awarded the Common Service Center (known as Vasudha Kendra) project in the state of Bihar by the State Government.

We are mandated to rollout more than 1500 Vasudha Kendras in the State